Gluten-Free Dining Options in Schroon Lake

Posted on March 1, 2015 at 8:42 am by Chef Shelby

I noticed in many of the comments on the Mr. P’s Facebook page, the post and my post, people are commenting about not having any gluten free dining options in town. It might be worth a follow up post to let everyone know there are actually quite a few options for both Celiacs and people who eat gluten-free for health reasons.

I have to disclose that I tend to eat mostly vegan, vegetarian, or a little bit of fish, so that tends to skew my suggestions.

Sticks and Stones – They have gluten-free pizza cooked on separate pans, lots of GF options on their regular menu, and vegan too. The fresh fish option is usually GF, the scallops are amazing. They have always accommodated my requests for items served on separate plates when sharing with others at the table. There is a GF chocolate torte (awesome!) and a lemon sorbet that is GF and vegan for dessert. If there is any question about ingredients, they have no problem bringing the item in question to my table to let me read the ingredients for myself.

Timberwolf Pub – This is where you will find me every Tuesday for Timberwolf’s create your own Pasta night. Chef Tony from Sticks & Stones moonlights for one night a week, serving GF penne pasta and you choose the rest, the proteins, the veggies, the sauce, the cheese. It’s about $15 and comes with a salad, it’s such a big portion, I usually get at least 2 meals out of it. My favorite is the GF penne pasta with scallops and shrimp, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, in either a Fra Diablo sauce or a white wine sauce. All GF, cooked separately. For non-GF customers, there are other pasta options like fettuccine or angel hair. On non-pasta nights, there is a baked haddock or grilled chicken dinner available.

Witherbee’s – The Snickers Martini alone is worth going to Witherbee’s for, but Patty and her crew do a great job accommodating GF requests. They recently hosted the Chamber’s winter social dinner and made a fantastic portobello mushroom dinner with quinoa, and a GF panna cotta for dessert (I didn’t even ask for a GF dessert, they just made one because they knew they had a GF diner coming!) Plus the Thursday night Open Mic Night in the Loft is the place to be for live music. If you’re not sure about a menu item, just ask Amanda or Patty, they’ll take care of you.

Flanagan’s – I do tend to default to the salmon salad or salmon entree here because they are easy and GF, the ginger apricot glaze on the salmon is yummy. Just ask for no croutons on the salad. Rustin’s homemade soups are awesome, many are GF, and you can usually substitute corn tortilla chips for the oyster crackers. This is really good with the chili or the southwestern chicken soup. I haven’t ventured to try much else on the menu because I don’t do dairy, there may be more GF options available.

DeCesare’s – Deb and her crew are experienced with cooking for Celiac customers. I think she still does GF pizza, and if you have GF pasta to bring in, she’ll cook it up as a side, as a spaghetti dinner, or baked ziti. They also make a grilled chicken parm, no breading, and their wings are baked, not fried, so they are safe to eat too.

Pitkin’s – Marie makes some really good homemade soups; I had a tomato and lentil the other day, it was amazing. They can do some easy fixes to make items GF, sandwiches with no bun (or bring your own), salads without croutons, baked fish dinners.

Alpine did or does have a GF pizza crust, not sure if they still carry it, but Ralph will readily acknowledge it is not prepared in a way that is safe for Celiacs. I didn’t forget about Drake’s; I have never eaten there because they’re open during the summer when I haven’t been able to get out of my own kitchen.

With all of our local restaurants, they are usually willing to make accommodations if it can be done, just ask. And most have the typical grilled chicken salad or dinner of some form. It doesn’t hurt to mention Celiac or food allergy, not just gluten-free diet, to give a friendly reminder for proper food handling in the kitchen, changing gloves, clean work space, different utensils.

Unfortunately, Mr. P’s was the only restaurant with a dedicated GF fryer, so there aren’t any safe french fries or anything from a fryer. So for all my Schroon Lake restaurant colleagues, it might be worth your while to invest in a GF fryer and put the word out. Just sayin. (I also know where you might be able to pick up a used fryer.)



Dear Friends,

Posted on February 28, 2015 at 8:32 am by Chef Shelby

Since we closed for the season on Labor Day, people have asked when we were going to be reopening, and the honest answer at the time was sometime in May 2015.  After careful consideration, and with mixed feelings, the honest answer today is that Mr. P’s will not be reopening.

This wasn’t a decision that came easily or that we took lightly.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our family and friends for their support and encouragement in this endeavor.  We extend a sincere thank you to all of the Mr. P’s customers and crew over the past four years, many of whom are now close friends.  While there are still many questions to answer, we are very happy here and look forward to joining you as regular citizens of the Schroon Lake community.

From Mr. P:

I came here with a dream to live in the Adirondacks and, thanks to a lot of hard work by Shelby, what we thought was a damn good plan to open a gluten-free barbeque joint. I have achieved the dream, but, you know, best laid plans and all that… It happens. So after a lot of thought and more than a few lengthy discussions, this is the decision that feels right.

There have been some ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. We’ve made some great friends and smoked a bunch of meat. We’ve brought smiles to the faces of kids with Celiac disease when they found out that yes, that cupcake is gluten free. And we’ve had some good pop-ups and parties. Thank you for the memories.

Oh, by the way, do you know anybody that wants to buy a restaurant? :)


From Chef Shelby:

When we wrote the business plan for Mr. P’s, there were three core values that I wanted to ensure became part of our culture and operations:  Be Authentic, Be Supportive and Engaging Members of the Community, and Contribute to Global Sustainability.  I believe during the four years we have been here, we have lived up to those core values.  But if I am being authentic with myself today, the restaurant is no longer a passion for me.  The financials make it a hobby, not a business.  If I don’t have a passion for my hobby, why do it?  Injuries and chronic health conditions have also weighed heavily into my decision.  As any chef will tell you, it is a physically demanding job.  It was questionable whether I would be able to get through another season in the kitchen.

The aspect of Mr. P’s I have enjoyed the most has been entertaining, hosting events, pop up nights, cooking for friends and regular customers on a smaller scale, and of course our legendary parties.  Posting Facebook updates of humorous events that took place throughout the day was pretty fun too.  (Extra ranchy anyone?)  I look forward to finding ways to continue to do the things I love without the burden of being tied to a storefront seven days a week.  And it isn’t as if I am retiring.  My work in the mental health community has been extremely rewarding, I anticipate continuing that as well as what seems like the never ending path to my Master’s degree.

PS – There might still be a Mr. P’s and Shelby’s Kitchen Therapy cookbook someday.

(For anyone with outstanding Mr. P’s gift certificates, please contact me directly and we’ll work something out for you.)

Schroon Lake Chili Cook Off

Posted on February 15, 2012 at 1:10 pm by Chef Shelby

Listen to our on-air interview at 92.1 WVTK, the first of two interviews talking about the chili cook off! 

2/14 Local Spotlight Interview – listen here


Tailgate Packages to kick off Super Bowl

Posted on January 29, 2012 at 1:51 am by Chef Shelby

Super Bowl is a week away, and we are getting our game grub ready!  We put together a couple take out packages if you’d like to add some smokey, meaty goodness to your Super Bowl party. 

Tailgate #1
1 dozen wings, smoked and grilled, tossed in your choice of Mr. P’s sauce
1 rack of ribs, 13-14 bones
1 bag Mr. P’s kettle chips

Tailgate #2
1 dozen wings
1 rack of ribs
1 dozen pulled pork sliders
1 bag Mr. P’s kettle chips

Tailgate #3
2 dozen wings
2 racks of ribs
2 dozen pulled pork sliders
2 bags Mr. P’s Kettle chips

Please give us a day or two head’s up to place your order if possible.  If there is something else you had in mind that you don’t see on our menu, let us know and we can customize a tailgate for you.  These packages will be available all year round, and we’ll be adding some picnic and summer packages soon.