2nd Annual Schroon Lake Chili Cook Off

Posted on November 17, 2012 at 3:49 pm by Chef Shelby

Get ready for the 2nd Annual Schroon Lake Chili Cook Off!   What could be better on a cold February day than a warm bowl of chili?  Add a little friendly competition between chili cooks, the worthy cause of providing funds for our own Schroon Lake EMS Squad and voila! We’ll have what will hopefully be a long-standing annual event.  Everything you need to register as a chili cook and attend the cook off should be included here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email info@schroonlakechilicookoff.org.

Download the Chili Cook Off flyer here.

Chili Cook Registration Form

Rules and Information

Food Safety

Volunteer Form

Please RSVP to attend the Chili Cook Off on our Facebook page.


Guest admission to the cook off is free.  Please refer to the “Info for Chili Cooks” section for registration details if you’d like to enter your chili.


Guests will be able to purchase chili tasting tickets for $1 each, a bowl of chili for $5, or an unlimited tasting wristband for $15.  Please stop by the registration table upon arrival to purchase your tasting tickets or wristbands.  To-go bowls will be available as well.


Bottled water and coffee will be available for $1.00.  The Fish and Game Club is hosting a cash bar which will include soft drinks.

Voting for People’s Choice Award

Each tasting guest will receive one vote for the People’s Choice Award.  Votes will be tallied and the winner announced at 2:00 pm.


There are four categories for chili:  Best Meaty Chili, Best Veggie Chili, Best Chili by an Ambulance or Rescue Squad and the People’s Choice Award.  The Best Meaty Chili, Best Veggie Chili, Best Chili by an Ambulance/Rescue Squad winners will be chosen by a panel of local judges.  The winner in each category will receive a trophy and of course, bragging rights.

The People’s Choice Award will be decided by everyone attending the cook off; the cook with the most votes wins!    And you don’t have to be from Schroon Lake to enter, attend or win; everyone is welcome.


How you can help

There are several ways you can support your EMS Squad for the cook off.  The best way is to enter your chili and rally your family, friends and co-workers to come vote for you.  You can volunteer at the event and get a free wristband to taste all the chilis.  Your company or organization can sponsor a portion of the event and promote your business at the same time.  Share the event with your network of business contacts and friends, post the flyer in your business, help get the word out!



2012 Winners
Best Meaty Chili
1st Place Trophy – Witherbee’s Carriage House, Witherbee’s Buckboard Chili
2nd Place TIE – Paradox General Store and Cafe, Paradox Beef Chili and Paradox Turkey Chili
3rd Place – Linda Gomes, Nat’cho Grandma’s Chili

Best Veggie Chili
1st Place Trophy – Witherbee’s Carriage House, Carriage House Vegetarian Chili
2nd Place - Fred Pospisil, Winter Trekkin Vegetarian Chili

People’s Choice Award
1st Place Trophy – Ruthie Peterson, Hot Stuff 21
2nd Place – Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse, Mr. P’s Award Winning Chili
3rd Place – Beth Buell, Nat’cho Grandpa’s Chili

Time to Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm by Mr P

It’s November already, and that means it’s time to start thinking about turkeys. This year we have fresh birds and previously frozen breasts and whole birds at various sizes, along with sides and desserts, all available for pickup on Thanksgiving morning.

Download the order form and drop it off at Mr. P’s, or stop in and pick one up.

Sawteeth, Pyramid, & Gothics – 17 SEP

Posted on October 9, 2012 at 7:16 pm by Mr P

What a spectacular day! Jen, Jenny, Steve, and I started out at the AMR gate @ 7 with a plan for Sawteeth (which I needed) and as much of the lower GR as we were up to. None of us had hiked together before, and Jenny & Steve hadn’t done any High Peaks prior to this hike. We got to know each other a bit on the Lake Road walk in to the dam, with Jen & Steve setting a good pace.

We hit the Weld trail about 8:30 and started up. Trails were dry and in decent shape, and we made the Sawteeth summit by 11:30. We lingered on the summit, taking in the sun and views. We met a solo hiker on the summit who took a group shot for us, and was pushing on to Gothics as well. We discussed the rest of the plan as we looked out at Pyramid & Gothics. We agreed to push on to Gothics, but I think we all knew that all five would be over the top for our group.

The views from Pyramid were stunning, so we took a few minutes to soak them in before heading on to Gothics. The drop into the col wasn’t bad, and soon enough we were on the open ledges on the shoulder, working our way to the summit by 2:30. We were rewarded with even more breathtaking views and brilliant sunshine. We lingered for about 45 minutes, relaxing in the sun, and decided we were all satisfied and it was time to head down and out.

We met a solo hiker on Gothics who had come up the way we were heading down, and he was thinking of heading over to Pyramid and down the Weld trail, the way we came in. He had already told me how he got turned around on the way up and had started up Noonmark, turning around a mile or so in to get back on track. He set out before we left the summit, and we didn’t expect to see him again. About halfway down (prior to all the ladders) he caught up to and passed us, stopping to say he got turned around on the way to Pyramid and ended up going down the cables on the range trail and ended up going up part of Basin before he realized he was off course. He had turned around and came back over Gothics to go down the way he came in.

After passing us, he came back and found us again where we had stopped for a break. It was now starting to get dark, and he seemed a little flustered, saying the trail didn’t look familiar. We consulted the map and assured him we were on the right trail out, so he set off ahead of us again. We assured him we’d be right behind him. We didn’t see him again, but were happy to see that he had signed out.

The trail down from Gothics was long and steep in spots. Beaver Meadow Falls was great pick-me-up, as we hit it just before dark. What a beautiful spot.

We slogged out the Lake Road in headlamps without much conversation, getting back to the car about 8:30, exhausted but happy with a spectacular day in the mountains.

Dix Range – SEPT 5-6

Posted on September 30, 2012 at 3:39 pm by Mr P

After a long summer I finally got back out for a hike Wednesday & Thursday to do the Dix range. The trails were wet with the rain on Tuesday, but nothing terrible. The herd paths are all in good shape, very easy to follow, even in the dark.

I dropped my pack at Slide Brook by 8:30 where the three occupants were just getting up. Those were the last people I’d see until Thursday on Hough.

Up the Slide Brook HP, I ended up taking the left fork at the top of the slide at the last minute, which made for a slow whack to the ridge trail. Following the trail back off the summit, I ended up going back down to the top of the right fork, even though I know I was losing too much elevation. After a big d’oh and a head slap I turned around and went back over the summit and on to South Dix. Views were great from South and I spent a few minutes enjoying them. On to East, a little more time on a sunny summit, and it was time to head back.

I got back to the south fork of the Lillian Brook HP and headed down as the light started to fade. It was after sunset by the time I got back to the marked trail, so I stopped to pump some water and get out my headlamp. I made it back to the lean-to after 9, made some dinner and crashed.

Thursday morning I was up at first light and was packed up and on the trail before 8. Back up the Lillian Brook HP, this time the north fork. Made Hough by noon and relaxed in the sun for a bit. As I was getting ready to leave, a couple arrived on the summit. They didn’t linger, and we left the summit together. I think they were doing all 5.

Over the ridge to Dix there were nice views on the ledges along the way, but I was watching thunderstorms building. By the time I made Dix summit I could see it raining over Elk Lake and moving towards me. I was looking forward to having a snacks and time to relax on the summit, but the thunderstorms chased me off within 15 minutes of getting there. I had planned on coming down Hunters Pass, but reassessed that plan with the storm blowing in. I thought going back over the Beckhorn would leave me more exposed, so I headed down the other side into Hunters Pass as planned. Definitely some steep sections coming down, and with the clouds moving in I didn’t get many views.

Once I got down into the pass, a good storm blew through, but I’d been sweating like a fat guy for two days, so it felt kinda nice . I trudged on to Lillian Brook HP intersection where I refueled and got more water, and got my headlamp out. I’d be hiking this section in the dark again. I got to the lean-to by 8:30 to grab my gear, then the dark death march out to the car. Made the trail head by 11 and into cell range by 11:20 so I could call Shelby to tell her I was out. I told her not to worry or call the rangers before midnight, I cut than one a little close.