Colvin & Blake – 4/8/2012

Posted on April 11, 2012 at 12:33 am by Mr P

We decided on Tuesday to close the store on Sunday, thinking that we wouldn’t do much Easter business. I took the opportunity to get out one more time before Memorial Day and the busy season. Two more peaks would put me halfway on my list, so I picked Colvin & Blake. The forecast was just OK, and I wasn’t expecting a lot from this trip, as both are lower peaks. The day turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

I got to the parking lot a little later than I wanted (what else is new), grabbed my gear, shuffled my Stevie Ray Vaughan collection, and set off. I signed in at 7:15, first one of the day. The walk up Lake Road was uneventful, and I made the Gill Brook Trail in seemingly no time. I made good time on the frozen trail, no mud or snow/ice to speak of until the AMR property line, where there was some ice and a snow spine here and there. I stopped just before the Elk Pass/Nippletop junction to put on the microspikes, which I ended up wearing until about the same point on the way back down.

I hit the Colvin summit about noon where I met two groups, a pair on their way back from Blake and another pair that had been behind me and caught me at the summit. I took some pictures and pressed on to Blake. The snow spine stayed intact across the whole ridge with the exception of most of the back side of Colvin where it was in the sun.

The maps don’t do that col justice! Steep decent for ~1000′, then right back up to Blake. Made Blake @ 2:20 where I met Krummholtz on the summit. He had come up from Elk Lake. He had planned on staying in Panther Gorge, but was reconsidering when we met on the summit. After chatting a bit, I offered him a ride back to his car if he wanted to hike out with me. He accepted, and off we went.

The hike back out was nice and sunny, didn’t see the precip that was in the forecast. The hike down was pleasant, but long, especially Lake Road. We made the car by 8:30. All in all a very good day.

Composting Again

Posted on April 7, 2012 at 8:06 pm by Mr P

Not long after we opened, we hooked up with someone who would take our vegetable waste and compostable utensils and containers. They dropped off a garbage can and then exchanged it once a week or so. By the end of the summer they stopped collecting, and by fall we were getting out of the habit of separating the compostable waste.

Well, with the warm weather we got motivated and we bought our own compost bin. It’s 102 gallons and cost about $100. We looked around for a while and saw many for considerably more money, but this one seems to have a good balance sturdy construction and cost. It feels good to be composting again, and plan on using the compost in our plot in the community garden next to the bank. We expect to have two or three of these bins if they work out as expected, eventually generating enough compost for a few plots. Next time you’re in, take a peek out the back window and take a look, it’s out by past the smoker by the wood pile.

Must love barbecue – apply within

Posted on March 18, 2012 at 10:43 pm by Chef Shelby

It sure feels like summer out there!  Since we’re in a summer frame of mind, we started thinking about staffing up for the busy season.

We will be looking for crew members to work at the restaurant as well as on-call staff for off-site events.

Potential restaurant crew members, here’s what we are looking for:

At least 16 years old
Friendly, outgoing, and very smiley!  Sour pusses and Debbie Downers need not apply
Customer service champions
Flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays
Be able to provide two references; either prior employers, teachers, counselors, etc.
Reliable, dependable and punctual
Must love barbecue!

Bonus points if you have:

Cash handling experience
Food handling and/or service experience
A pig tattoo

Here’s what we provide:

Mr. P’s t-shirts for a uniform
One free meal for each shift you work
A fun work environment with awesome tunes
25% family discount on food and retail purchases
New hire orientation including our associate handbook, menu training (and sampling!) and customer service training

Looking for on-call work or temporary assignments?  We are building a database of available and experienced food service workers for a variety of events in our area including barbecues, weddings, picnics, parties, trade shows and more.  Positions include cook, bartender, server, busser and buffet attendant; multi-tasking in one or more position likely.  No guarantee for hours and you would be considered an “independant contractor,” responsible for your own withholding and taxes.  This is a perfect opportunity for someone looking for some extra summer work who would enjoy the flexibility of being able to accept or decline jobs as they come up.  Must have reliable transportation and work well with minimal supervision.  Stop by during the job fair and fill out an application if this fits what you are looking for.

So if you think you’d be a good fit for Mr. P’s, come visit us to apply in person on Wednesday, April 11, from 3 pm to 7 pm.  Get a head start and download the Employment Application here.  RSVP to attend by visiting our Facebook event page.

The fine print:  All positions are part-time and seasonal, tentatively from mid-May through Labor Day.  We start everyone at minimum wage with a discretionary increase based on performance after a 60 day probationary period.   We don’t hire “under the table” or pay cash, we do things by the book so please don’t even ask!


Schroon Lake Chili Cook Off Event Recap!

Posted on February 27, 2012 at 2:02 am by Chef Shelby

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this event a success!  We were able to raise over $550 for our Schroon Lake EMS Squad. 

Best Meaty Chili

1st Place Trophy – Witherbee’s Carriage House, Witherbee’s Buckboard Chili
2nd Place TIE – Paradox General Store and Cafe, Paradox Beef Chili and Paradox Turkey Chili
3rd Place – Linda Gomes, Nat’cho Grandma’s Chili

Best Veggie Chili

1st Place Trophy – Witherbee’s Carriage House, Carriage House Vegetarian Chili
2nd Place – Fred Pospisil, Winter Trekkin Vegetarian Chili  

People’s Choice Award

1st Place Trophy – Ruthie Peterson, Hot Stuff 21
2nd Place – Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse, Mr. P’s Award Winning Chili
3rd Place – Beth Buell, Nat’cho Grandpa’s Chili

Many Thanks to….

Our volunteers: 

Mark Piper – for providing his excellent live music
Sharon Piper – ticket sales  
Dejanira Plumstead – beverage sales
Tricia Hood – beverage sales
Amy Wallenwine – ticket sales (with the cutest little assistant ever) 
Sherry Barrera – ticket sales
Val Palmatier – Judges’ server
Ben McInnes – set up, tear down and a little bit of everything!
TJ Ramirez – clean up

To Pastor David Peterson for allowing us to use the gymnasium at Mountainside. 

To the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce for helping me get the word out and letting me borrow the voting buckets. 

To Myriam Friedman, Morningstar Bistro, for her generous donation to help cover our costs. 

To Ruthie, the sauce is wonderful, I’ve had it 3 times in the past two days, thank you. 

To Linda, the gluten-free beer tasted sooooo good, muchas gracias. 

To the members of the Schroon Lake EMS Squad.  We might volunteer a few hours here and there, but these folks do it every day, every weekend, every night and every holiday; and for that we thank you.  To find out how you can volunteer and become a member of the squad, contact Tony Ramirez. 

Our Chili Cooks:

Witherbee’s Carriage House, Bill and Patty Christian  
Paradox General Store and Cafe, Jeannie Taylor-Scalise and your pink-coated chef assistant! 
Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse, Chris Palmatier
Ruthie Peterson
Linda Gomes
Beth Buell
Fred Pospisil
George Pospisil
yours truly

Our Judges:

Betty Bang – thanks for spending your birthday with us, we forgot to sing “Happy Birthday” to you!
Anne Gregson, Life Coach and Artist
Anthony Batson,
Henry Tyska, Schroon Lake EMS Squad

As much as it pains me to say this, to David Holland, Health Inspector, for making sure we didn’t get anyone sick! 

To Mr. P, my favorite and 1st place chili cook!  Thanks for picking up the slack at the restaurant so I could work on this event.  And I know you don’t hate my dog.  Love you, xoxo

I sincerely hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but if I have, please let me know.  I look forward to doing this event again next year, and welcome any suggestions and ideas on how we can make it even bigger and better! 

Schroon Lake Chili Cook Off 2012 – Event Financials